Whilst we make every effort to ensure that allergen information is clearly available to our guests, we prepare our food in kitchens where there are allergens present and we therefore cannot guarantee that your food will be completely allergen free. It is ultimately always up to you, the guest, to use your discretion and make an informed decision regarding your menu choices.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring our planet is looked after for future generations. We work with our waste disposal company to ensure that all our food, glass and card waste is separated by us and recycled. We are currently working on a solution for our plastics.

Service charge

Our 12.5% service charge is added to tables of 4 or more. It is however, an optional charge and can be removed from your bill at your request. The charge is paid equally to the whole team, according to the hours they work. We do not take any administration charge in operating this scheme.

Charitable stuff

We will always give something back to our community and we are always proud to support local charities. Since we have opened, we have donated 1% of every sale we have made, to support St Aidans School and the great work it does. If you have a worthy cause you think we may be able to help with please speak with us.

Your feedback

The Goods Office is a local bar / restaurant open all day, every day for your convenience. We always strive to deliver a service that our neighbourhood wants and so your feedback, positive or negative, is always appreciated.